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Gift ideas for the new year

Hello everyone,

We just wanted to put a quick video up to give you some ideas on a few items to ask for Christmas. If you are already doing keto or are planning to start in January, this is just a few things that we use daily in our journey. They are not necessary, but they are helpful. Thank you for watching and supporting our page. Merry Christmas!

Time to take action!!!

51 days!

We have exactly 51 days until New Year’s Day, 2018! What is so special about that day? It is the day that everyone goes on a diet and makes a commitment to lose weight.  According to  Google, the average person also gains 5 to 10 lbs. between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You do not have to be a statistic this year. We are here to lean on one another and support each other through the keto lifestyle. Make that commitment not to gain that 5 to 10 pounds during the holidays. Share your recipes, tips and ideas to help keep each other accountable  during the hardest time of the year. Still don’t know where to begin. Have questions or need direction, we are here to help.

Low carb does not mean NO sugar!

When working with someone today their biggest complaint was ” I cannot seem to get in to Ketosis, I even checked with the blood monitor and I was not in a state of ketosis at all”

As I viewed her food diary for the last several days the first thing I noted was  beef sticks on the list , a quick check with google told me that although these have Low carbs,( 2 carbs per serving), the 3rd ingredient  was corn syrup, and the fifth ingredient contained the word dextrose. I knew immediately that even though these say low carb they contain sugar. When we eat sugar we are going to trigger that insulin response we are trying to avoid in Ketosis.  I am adding a link to an article that I think explains this process very well


If you want to get in a ketotic state and burn fat you must watch  out for the hidden sugar content in food. Just because the package says low carb It does not necessarily translate to no sugar. Be informed, become a label reader!!