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Hi, My name is Dawn  and I have a few more names, Mom, sister, nurse , fat!!!. Yep fat which is what I have struggled with most of my life. My mom always said it was in my genes, You know fat mom, fat dad , then they have fat kids and so the story goes.

When I was young I fasted my way to skinny. I handled my weight by only allowing myself to eat on weekends, this way of life helped me maintain a semi normal weight but of course was not sustainable,  I remember before I got married at the age of 18 I had fasted my way into a size 9 and looked great  that was august 1983 and by Christmas of the same year I was in a size 16 jeans and it only got worse from there. I struggled with my weight ever since, I have took pills , been on  nutrifast, weight watchers, low carb , low fat, I even had gastric bypass in 2001 and at that time I weighed 286.  ‘that worked for awhile, but is not an end all solution. I still gain weight and have a weight problem I have been as high as 260 since gastric bypass. Now that I am 52, I no longer have youth on my side. And my body is not as forgiving as it used to be. I have been struggling to find a lifestyle that I can live with and not feel deprived and hungry, This spring my roommate suggested we try a new diet called Ketogenisis. Guess what, I have even been on keto before, at age 14 my mom had to sign for me to do the diet because I was underage I have thought about Keto numerous times since then, because they gave me a food plan and I remember losing a lot of weight on the  diet and doing well. But I never believed I could do it on my own, and never thought to even look it up . Big mistake, this diet has been such a blessing to me, I have lost 23 lbs in about 2 months and I have lost 18 inches off my frame, I look like a new person but more than that is how I feel. Which is amazing and,  I have not exercised at all. Not to say that exercise is a bad thing, I feel I need to do some because I am flabby. But I hate to exercise and I hate when people say that is the only way to lose weight. I am here to tell you It is not. But I know  I need to exercise and I will look and feel better when I do , But that is another website. LOL. I am not a physician or a dietician, I am not a Keto professional. I am a normal everyday person ,like you wanting to look and feel better and not die an early death from a knife and fork. My hope is that through this website we can do this journey together, sharing stories, recipies and struggles and successes. I want each of you who desire to give this diet a try to join us on this journey .


Being overweight most of my life has been my cross to bear and the poor relationship with food has been the cycle I could not seem to break. I would diet, lose weight, gain weight, diet…on and on it goes.  The addiction to food was the worst; I would seek more and more to fill something in me that never seemed to be filled. Being a nurse, I knew at a deeper level that I was very unhealthy and headed for dangerous territory. You know that place:  short of breath, diabetic, high blood pressure, and all those things your grandparents have. I have tried low carb in the past but it never felt like a lifestyle. Then I tried a crazy diet called the ketogenic diet. But what has happened is I am changing, on the inside and outside. Yes, I have lost weight and inches. But I also have stopped obsessively thinking of food and craving the junk that has hurt my body for so many years. Instead of a diet, I found a lifestyle that I believe is saving my life. I want to share what I have learned and what I will learn with anyone that wants a new ways of eating, feeling, and existing!